Why I Will Never Call Myself a ‘Foodie’

When I started The Compère, I promised to offer what no one else can: my unadulterated, unfiltered thoughts on the issues that matter to me. So today, my dear reader, that is again what I am about to do, even if I have to ruffle a few (or many) feathers in the process. My target this time? The ever-ubiquitous, omnipresent F word, ‘foodie’.


On Stars and Ranks: My Views On Restaurant Ratings

Ah, the widespread and often contentious topic of restaurant ratings. Any food critic worth his salt, if not already involved in the issuance of ratings, will not be able to ignore the existence of certain prestigious restaurant guides and their influence on the world of food today. And I, as a simple lover of good food, cannot sincerely deny the importance of these ratings in the identification of restaurant quality. After all, there are thousands, if not millions, of restaurants around the world; how else can a gastronome determine which ones truly deserve his time and calories? Sure, the Internet has enabled the emergence of food blogs and amateur “foodies” who express their opinions on all sorts of food-related establishments, from street food to cafes to the most popular of restaurants. But when we seek reliable, authoritative advice on the very best, the ones deserving to be a part of the exclusive club known as haute cuisine, who else can we turn to but the professional, trained tasters or industry insiders who churn out these leading guides?


Welcome to The Compère

Welcome, my dear reader, to The Compère.

What is The Compère, you ask? First and foremost, it is a personal blog that will hopefully capture my various, and occasionally incoherent and rambling, thoughts in a slightly more coherent manner. The topics of these thoughts, as I foresee them, will range from food to travel to the meaning of life and everything in between.